Career and Professional Issues can present in a variety of ways. Our work life is actually one of the most often overlooked factors in our mental health.

Challenges with Independence

For some young adults, beginning to pursue a career may prove challenging as struggles with independence intersect with finances and emotional difficulties.

Challenges with Career

Other clients, who may have been in the working world for some time, have begun to feel the time has come to address emotional concerns that are interfering with a successful and meaningful work life. For some, this can appear as under- or over- involvement with work. Over-involvement with one’s work, though often rewarded at work, may cause negative consequences in other parts of one’s life and in the workplace. Alternatively, under-involvement or a weak connection to one’s work can undermine both one’s performance, but also the client’s satisfaction and their self-esteem in general.

Psychotherapy as a Career Tool

Psychotherapy can be vastly useful in exploring strategies to cope with difficulties at work, and to learn more about reading and adapting social cues. A lack of self-confidence is often a great obstacle in reaching one’s career objectives. Exploring one’s fears around change, failure, risk, and confidence will engender change in a positive direction. Therapy is important in helping clients to identify one’s vision, goals and purpose of employment, while simultaneously recognizing roadblocks to change and growth.