Welcome. Today you are taking the first important step in helping yourself. You are looking for a caring, compassionate therapist. My name is Dr. Kira Bartlett. I am a New York state licensed clinical psychologist who has had over 20 years of successful clinical experience with adults in short- and long-term psychotherapy. I specialize in supporting people through challenging life transitions. With care and compassion, I can help you find yourself and your life again.

The decision to enter therapy is a very personal one. For some, there are long-standing issues, or struggles with anxiety or depression, for example. For others, difficulties with life transitions, such as job loss, young adult transitions, the arrival of a new baby or a separation or divorce. Others may seek additional support in order to pursue personal exploration or growth.

Therapy can provide support, insight, and new perspectives for many of life’s challenges. Therapy is right for anyone who is hoping to get the most out of his/her life, to increase self-awareness, and to work toward making positive changes in one’s life.


Dr. Kira Bartlett is a New York state licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years of successful clinical experience with individuals in short- and long-term psychotherapy. Her private practice is in White Plains, New York and Manhattan, New York.


Seeking help when you are suffering takes a great deal of courage. For some, the decision to seek psychotherapy is prompted by the need to address specific issues such as depression or anxiety. Some are motivated by work or personal concerns. Others feel their lives are not progressing as they would like and enter treatment in order to feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

“I take pride in joining individuals in the process of gaining
self-understanding and of finding more satisfaction and happiness in their work, family and social relationships.”
~ Dr. Kira Bartlett